Download and Install


  • 1Search Marki in Google Play
  • 2Download and install Marki on your Android devices


  • 3Search Marki-Watermarked Camera in App Store
  • 4Download and install Marki on your iOS devices

Take Photos with Watermarks

1.Choose Watermarks for Your Task/Industry

  • 1Tap Watermark button
  • 2Choose the corresponding watermark for your task

2.Add/Delete Watermark Contents

  • 1Tap Edit on the selected watermark
  • 2Turn on/off the button and enter the information you need
  • 3Complete and use the customized watermark on photos

Activate “Team” Features
You can start to use the Photo Sync and Cloud Storage feature when you are in a team.

1.Sign Up

  • 1Tap Team button
  • 2Sign up with your Facebook, Google account or phone number

2.Create/Join the Team and Invite Members

  • 1Tap Create new team (for admin)
  • 2Fill in team name and select your type of industry
  • 3Copy the team code or click Invite to share the invitation link to team members
  • 4Tap Search and join (for members) and enter team code to join

3.Sync Photos to Your Team

  • 1Photos will be auto sync to team and store on the cloud
  • 2Tap Team button
  • 3Check team photos on Home page

4.Photo Sync Settings

  • 1If you need to sync to a specific team, tap Sync to team button
  • 2Turn on/off the corresponding button

5.Customize Team Watermarks

  • 1Tap Watermark button
  • 2Tap Team option
  • 3Choose a team and tap + in the box
  • 4Tap Create or select the template of your task/industry
  • 5Edit watermark contents or add keywords, then Complete

6.Search and Manage Team Photos

  • 1Tap Dashboard in Team
  • 2Select Team Album
  • 3Search photos by the keywords in watermarks
  • 4Export photos in batch on Web Dashboard (Login Web Dashboard via
 on PC)